About Little tree labs

Our Mission and Operations Statement

At Little Tree Labs, our mission is to improve the health and well being of others by crafting natural, safe and effective products. We utilize a farm to bottle approach that allows us to ensure safety and quality at every stage of production. At the farm, we strive to grow the highest quality hemp by implementing natural farming methods without the use of synthetic chemicals. In our lab, we utilize extraction techniques that produces an effective full spectrum concentrate that retains as many beneficial compounds as possible. Our products are formulated with accuracy, quality and effectiveness as top concerns and our hope is that Little Tree products will reach to all areas of the world providing relief to all.

Our Methods

Everything starts at the farm. Our goal is to source all of the hemp we process from our own farm as well as from farmers whose missions align with ours by practicing healthy, sustainable farming methods.

Once harvested, the hemp is dried and packaged to await processing at our lab in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our processing practices ensure a quality full spectrum extraction. Utilizing ethanol extraction, we are able to extract more cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial plant extracts from the hemp material. This provides a complete, full spectrum product that has a makeup similar to the whole hemp plant. We believe the full plant extraction methods we utilize provide a product that is more than just CBD, and therefore, a more effective overall product.

After the extraction is complete, we formulate our products with love and send batch samples for third party lab testing to verify the accuracy and cannabinoid makeup of the products.

From farm to bottle, this is our process. CBD rich hemp extract is a wonderful alternative health option and one that carries no risk of addiction. If you have tried to manage conditions in the past with no luck, why not try a natural alternative? Hemp extract may be just what you need.

Our Farmers

Here at Little Tree Labs, quality is our number one concern. Our top notch products could not be made without high quality, chemical free, sustainably grown hemp. We take pride in our growing operations and partnerships that allow us to make sure our products are made from the best biomass available. We can tell you where the hemp was grown, the strain, who grew it, and show you third party lab tests to ensure the best around.

Meet some of our farmers and partner farms below: 

Little Tree Farms - Sale Creek, TN

Little Tree Farms grows industrial hemp using organic and sustainable farming methods. Little Tree Farms is managed by Fred Doss and Travis Phillips who both share a passion for farming and enjoys the hard work that comes with farming industrial hemp. "It's great to know that all of this hard work will one day find it's way into a product that will help someone."

Divot's Family Farm - Signal Mountain, TN
Divot’s Family Farm is a 20-acre plot located on Signal Mountain near Prentice Cooper State Park. Farming is a labor of love, with the whole family involved. Even the cat and chickens help out, keeping the farm free of mice, moles and caterpillars. We don't use pesticides or herbicides. Instead, we grow everything organically, using only spring and well water for irrigation. Our hemp is hand harvested and stored on site until ready for processing. Our goal is to provide nature’s purest form of hemp, ensuring a top-notch product for Little Tree's customers. 

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