Complete Comfort Bundle (Sensacalm+Little Tree)

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Sensacalm+Little Tree together bring you the Complete Comfort Bundle. Stay calm and comfortable, inside and out with these American manufactured weighted blankets from Sensacalm and Little Tree's full-spectrum products. Imagine the comforting pain relief and relaxation that hemp offers along with the calming pressure of the weighted blanket.

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Adult Size Blanket (Approx. 38" x 72") : 10lb, 15lb, 20lb

Child Size Blanket (Approx. 34" x 50") : 5lb (ages 3-5), 7lb (ages 6-10) 

-Blankets constructed with quality materials

-Machine washable and dryer safe

-Eco-friendly glass pellets used for weight

-Soft, smooth cuddle fabric

-Blanket Color: Grey

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We are "simply" the best.

Our approach is to utilize simple, natural and effective ingredients in our products. 

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