Grown & Made in Tennessee, USA.

Crafting Natural Wellness

Utilizing nature's potential through quality wellness products that work.

We at Little Tree Labs create natural wellness products for people (and their pets!). Our products are powered by some incredible plants & fungi to offer safe and effective options. 

From Farm (or Forest) to Lab to You

All Little Tree products contain effective ingredients from plants & fungi that were organically grown or sustainably wild foraged. We know what quality looks like because we have a hand in every step of the process, from farm (or forest) to you. 


"I started taking Little Tree Labs CBD oil tinctures last autumn and was amazed at how much better and deeper my sleep was. I’ve battled insomnia on and off for years and the CBD oil definitely helps my anxiety levels drop and helps improve the quality of my sleep. I now consider it part of my regular evening wind-down for bedtime."


"A buddy of mine referred me to little tree labs for their muscle rub and it was the best referral I’ve had in a while! I’ve got chronic back pain and horrible sleep habits. I’m using the muscle rub to aid both. Biggest thing is I’m sleeping through the night and waking up naturally instead of my back waking me up. Another big benefit is I’ve moved away from over the counter pain relievers. Big thanks to Little Tree Labs for a quality product! I highly recommend. Looking forward to expanding into their other offerings."


"Our sweet Golden Retriever suffers from epileptic seizures. Little Tree CBD pet tincture used in combination with prescription drugs has doubled the length in time between seizures. We are so happy with how it works that we also administer it our other dog. Thank-you for having such a great product and improving the quality of life for our dog."


Manufactured in Chattanooga, TN U.S.A.

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