Little Tree Labs CBD Promotes Lifelong Vitality by Supporting YOUR Sleep

In today's fast paced and over-connected world, we often need help unplugging and shutting down at night. Sleeping disorders are on the rise and millions of people struggle for a better night’s sleep each year. Unfortunately, many of the widely used synthetic sleep aids can have negative long term effects on your physical and mental well-being.

Thankfully there are many natural sleep aid options on the market, however, few compare in effectiveness and safety to our full-spectrum hemp extract. Hemp extract derived from the CBD rich hemp flower offers a host of benefits for the human body and mind, and is a non-toxic and extremely effective sleep aid.

Little Tree Labs makes many CBD products, including our popular tinctures made from the whole hemp flower extract which contains a host of beneficial compounds found within the hemp plant. These compounds work together to provide a safe, powerful, and all-natural sleep aid option. While other hemp products use CBD that has been refined and separated from the whole flower extract, our process leaves behind the full spectrum of healthy extracts found in the hemp plant. We utilize food grade ethanol to gently extract a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from the hemp. This produces the most effective CBD product on the market while maximizing the full potential and maintaining the safety of each extract. 

Better sleep from use of our full spectrum, all natural hemp extract can in turn:

  • Help boost your immune system
  • Enhance your mood
  • Increase daily productivity
  • Improve cognitive functions...and more!

Chattanooga, Tennessee based farm-to-bottle small business crafting the best in a multitude of CBD products, our mission at Little Tree Labs has been the same since day one—to provide the highest quality, natural relief options for vitality and lifelong health. Whether it’s through our tinctures, edibles, or balms, we are firm believers in the restorative benefits of CBD and know that once you try Little Tree Labs, you will agree too.


“I haven’t been able to sleep comfortably for a while, which seems to always compound my ability to deal with grief the following day. I tried Little Tree Labs full spectrum CBD hemp extract and have found it to be an incredibly helpful sleep aid to calm my anxious mind and allow me to sleep through the night.”

-John, Texas