Why do Little Tree customers use cannabinoids? 2022 Year-End Review

Another year has come and gone, and this marks the 4th year (since 2018) Little Tree Labs has been promoting “Life in Full Spectrum.” Our slogan is a constant reminder to strive to get the most out of life, and not let pain, anxiety and stress steal your joy.

In 2022, we asked our customers the reason(s) they use Little Tree products and here is what we learned. 

Top 8 Ailments/Reasons:

Cannabis has been used by people for thousands of years to aid with many ailments. We at Little Tree want to understand specifically just why people use our products so we can serve them better. Over the last 4 years, we have collected testimonials, answers to questionnaires, and documented the various reasons people choose to utilize cannabis compounds, and here’s what we found:

  1. Pain (Chronic or Occasional)
  2. Sleep Issues
  3. Anxiety/Depression
  4. For a Pet (Dog or Cat) (Pain or Anxiety)

The top results are not super surprising, after all, we as a society have known for a while that the compounds in cannabis help with the above mentioned ailments, and to top it all off, its non-toxic! You can’t (easily) overdose and many studies suggest far less long-term negative effects than other common medications.

The rest of the top 8 ailments list:

  1. General relaxation/alcohol alternative. 
  2. Migraines
  3. Muscle Pain/Neuropathy symptoms relief (topical salves, lotions and creams).
  4. Irritability/Patience (low doses of THC/CBD)

There are a growing number of people utilizing cannabis compounds as a natural wellness option either for short term or long term use for many different reasons. As always, we suggest you consult your healthcare provider before using cannabis compounds, especially if you are using other medications.

Products Update:

2022 was the year of the gummy! We developed a great line of pectin (vegan) gummies as an easy way to incorporate cannabinoids into your routine and it has easily become a customer favorite. We also launched a CBG and a 1:1 CBG/CBD Tincture for those wanting to incorporate CBG. 

Upcoming products:

Micro-dose! A line of micro dose wellness gummies coming your way to help you get that perfect low dose. Expected to launch January of 2023.

Other news:

-We are moving! We are moving facilities to better optimize our product production. We will have a larger “clean room” that will allow us to work a little easier. We will only be a few miles from our current Chattanooga, Tennessee location where we have been for the last three years.

Lastly, keep an eye out for more video content in 2023! We hope to give you more of a glimpse into the making of the products. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram


How do you spell relief...Little Tree CBD/Hemp

Amy on May 30, 2022 reviewing Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

I've been with Little Tree for over a year now. I was skeptical in the beginning as I had tried others and they didn't work.

I took a chance, ordered the samples. Within days, I started noticing a huge difference. My sleep was already 100% better. My mood improved (sure from the extra rest as well as the tincture). By the end of week 1. My neck and shoulders weren't hurting as bad. By weekend of the 3rd week. My knees weren't hurting as bad. My headaches eased up too. My body & mind knows when I've ran out. So, I do my best not to anymore. I love when they run their sales/specials. It saves a ton & I can stock up. Unfortunately with the cost of food/gas having gone up so high. I couldn't do as usual this Memorial Day. But best believe, I've ordered and saving for the next special/sale 😃 thank you Little Tree Labs!!!! You All are amazing!!!

The Perfect Gummy

Meghan on Jun 23, 2022 reviewing Delta 8 Gummies

I was sent a sample pack of gummies with my last order, and although I am not usually an edible person due to bad experiences in the past I tried one. OMG the flavor exploded in my mouth just right. Whatever these things are coated with was so good you got sweet with just the perfect amount of tart. My favorite is the strawberry!

This gummy was not sticky and gross like some of the others I have tried, it had some body to it! Great job little tree labs!!

The Best

Hodgson on Aug 31, 2021 reviewing Muscle Rub Salve

I've stretched this small sample tin as long as I could :) I have to admit. It's the best product I've ever used. I'll be purchasing a full size tin this week. I have severe arthritis, fibro, lupus and DDD. This rub helps me to function during the day and sleep w/out pain throughout the night. I have recommended this to everyone I know. It has a slight smell but it isn't bad at all, it goes on smooth and isn't oily at all. Which I am also, grateful for because I can't stand anything that's oily on my skin. As soon as I rub it on, within less than 10 min it immediately starts to work. I was using bio-freeze before this. I don't miss that, at all now that I've started using this. I call it my miracle ointment :) 

Calm and happy

Melissa on Jul 15, 2022 reviewing Pet Tincture

My pittie rescue has anxiety when there are thunderstorms or if we have a bunch of people over to the house. I started giving her some of this CBD pet tincture before an event, and this keeps her significantly calmer! This Bacon CBD tincture has come in handy so many times. Not to mention is helps with her joints and make her coat so shiny. Great product!

Aid Station Hero

Jason Hammel on May 23, 2021 reviewing Buttercream

As an ultrarunning athlete my feet take a beating. In fact, it is usually the first thing that can derail a big effort. This does wonders not only for recovery and relieving aches after a long day on my feet at work or long run, but is a great aid station resource. Clean the feet, apply, and put on some fresh socks and I'm back out there doing what I love.

Sleep Tincture

Melissa on Jul 15, 2022 reviewing Delta 8 Tincture

I suffer from insomnia due to anxiety. I've been on the hunt for a tincture that will help me not only fall asleep but stay asleep through the night. Delta 8 works great! I take it about 1-2 hours before I want to go to sleep, and I geta solid 8 hours of sleep without feeling groggy in the morning. Highly recommend.

I call these my chill pills

Amy on Jun 18, 2022 reviewing Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

So grateful to Little Tree!! You All are simply, the best!! I put an order in for my oil and to my surprise. I was given these as a sample. I have absolutely fallen in love with these little yellow baby's 💛 I was going through my bottle of oil quickly, so when I received these and tried them. I could not believe how well they worked! Honestly, I was skeptical. I don't know why because everything I've tried so far from Little Tree, has helped me beyond belief. I can take one of these in the morning and my nerves are fine all day long. There are occasional times. I have to take another about mid to end afternoon. When my 10 year old grandson has truly pushed my buttons 😆 afterwards, again. I'm cool as a cucumber. In my honest opinion. If people haven't tried these. This is an awesome product. Quality is great and so is the cost. Keep up the great work Little Tree!!! May you and your business continue to grow and prosper. You have been such a blessing to me. Thank you!!! If you hadn't given me these as a sample. I may have never known what I was missing and now that I know. I'll never run out 🤩😍