Your Guide to Hemp Extract for Pets 

Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your pet tincture for your furry loved ones:

  1. Hemp extract is a natural remedy for anxiety, inflammation, and pain in your pet. Our tinctures are human food-grade, non-toxic, and have helped hundreds of pets with separation anxiety, seizures, and much more. 
  1. Add the tincture to food or treats. Our bacon-flavored tincture tempts even the pickiest pooches! Just mix into food or even hide it in a pill pocket. 
  1. How much should I use? Each 1 mL dose of tincture contains 10mg of CBD. We recommend a dose of 1/4 ml up to 1 ml for pets under 50lbs or 1 ml to 2 ml's for pets 51lbs and up. Your bottle will come with a graduated dropper for easy measuring.

Don’t forget to add a durable hemp fiber pet toy for your furry friend as well!

Questions? We’re always happy to help, just drop us a line: