About our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Much More than Just CBD

More Effective, Better Results

Just as whole foods are known to be the best form of food. Whole hemp flower extract is the best way to consume CBD because whole hemp flower extract is so much more. Mature hemp flowers contain dozens of botanical compounds and when all used together along with CBD, the end result is a more effective product. Stop wasting money on underwhelming, refined CBD. Experience the Little Tree difference and live Life in Full Spectrum. 

It Starts on the Farm

A Better Extraction Technique

Tested and Tested Again

Full Spectrum, Real Results

We like to say our full spectrum hemp extract is like eating your veggies instead of just taking a vitamin: more effective because it's a whole product. 

The Little Tree Difference

Dozens of Hemp Compounds

Our hemp extracts feature the full spectrum of hemp compounds, including terpenes, flavinols, and others that provide benefits beyond CBD. 

A Natural Remedy

We're proud to know our customers find relief from anxiety, pain, insomnia, and more with our hemp extract products.

Easy Dosing

We've designed our products with CBD doses measured in milligrams, so you can find the dose that works best for you, no guessing.


Hemp Extract Tincture

I started taking Little Tree Labs CBD oil tinctures last autumn and was amazed at how much better and deeper my sleep was. I’ve battled insomnia on and off for years and the CBD oil definitely helps my anxiety levels drop and helps improve the quality of my sleep. I now consider it part of my regular evening wind-down for bedtime.


Muscle Rub

I injured my knee playing tennis many years ago. Every time it rains, my knee gets stiff. My daughter recommend trying the muscle rub. I was skeptical. However, I tried it and within 20 minutes the stiffness went away. I thought I was imagining things. Then I tried it again a few days later with the same problem. The muscle rub really works. I am sold on the product.